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Our ranch is located in the Wallowa Valley at the base of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.┬áIn 1876, James J. McAlister, our great-grandfather, came here as a young man to “find out for himself if the grass was as tall and the wildlife as plentiful as he had heard it was claimed to be! “. He wasn’t disappointed, and in 1884 he and his wife, Belle staked their claim on this land that five generations have now called home.

Over the past 125 years, generations of our family have produced their own food in addition to a dairy operation, hogs, beef and sheep. Twenty years ago, we broke from tradition and bought our first Corriente cattle to make better use of some rugged terrain on our ranch. It wasn’t long after that we sold all our Angus and continued to build our 100% registered Corriente herd of cattle that we own today.

The 6 Ranch is our home. For us who live and work here, without question, it is the best place we know. We cherish this place, and that attitude is reflected in the quality of our product: the health of the land itself.